Zenphoto in an existing site

I am using Zenphoto version 1.5.9 with the ZpBase theme.
My gallery is included in an existing site which has a horizontal menu at the top of the screen.
I'm working WITHOUT rewrite mode and everything works fine with a require_once ('../menu/index.php') in the file
zenphoto / themes / zpbase / inc / header.php.
No problem because all the pages are on the "same level".

I wanted to activate the rewrite mode and it doesn't work anymore. The pages are at different levels and sub levels.
Example: "mondomaine.com/page/ " works (only 1 sub-level) but "mondomaine.com/page/search/tags/ " does not work because there are several sub-levels.
How can I make my menu accessible under "domain / page / level1" but also under "area / page / level1 / level2"?

Thank you in advance for your help


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    So you have a site and Zenphoto installed in the same folder of the existing site like this? :

    • Existing (parent) site: mondomaine.com
    • Zenphoto site: mondomaine.com/zenphoto/

    Then all Zenphoto URLs must include "zenphoto" (or whatever you have called the folder you installed Zenphoto). But that is the same with or without rewritten URLs.

    If I understand correctly you want to include the existing site menu within Zenphoto? If that parent site uses rewritten urls it will use a htacccess file which will not work within the Zenphoto install since the level is not the same since you are in a sub folder. You will have to include a separate menu within Zenphoto either with relative links using ../ or hardcoded absolute URLs.

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