Geolocalisation as a button or icon

May be this is stupid question, sorry if this is the case, I have no dev skills.

When looking at geolocalisation (openstreetmap in my case), themes look if extension is enabled (testing function), and if yes, display the map window with the printOpenStreetMap() function. OK.

I was wondering if it is possible to use that function within a button or icon (the typical geoloc icon) so that map is only displayed on demand ? potentially in a popup window...

Or would that need some specific dev ? as an example, you could look at MyPhotoShare, I found that solution pretty elegant and interesting. The geoloc icon is both in the topbar, and embedded in the thumbnails.

Thank you as always.


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    This is not really something plugin specific. The function cannot be used that way as it is server side.

    The most simple solution would be to hide the element the map is printed in via CSS and then for example call/open it in a modal via Colorbox or a similar script by click. On Colorbox that is called "inline" (Contenttype sub section within the Settings section):

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