Upload to an Album

In Admin, when viewing an Album screen, would it be possible to include an Upload button, please?
At present, I have to come out of that screen, open one of the Upload screens, find the Album (again), and then Upload.


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    We have that on the list for the future.

  • Thank you, I'll look forward to it.
    To explain a little further, our website (https://rchsimagearchive.org.uk/) currently contains 237 albums, and will grow into the thousands over time. With these numbers, navigating around the site to a particular album is simplest in the public view, so being able to do as many Admin tasks as possible from there would be of great benefit.
    Also finding the correct album using the drop-down list of Albums in Admin (Albums (for re-order), Upload, etc.) is difficult and likely to become impossible as the number of Albums grows.

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    Oh, I probably have misunderstood. I was refering to adding that to the backend album pages.

    On the front end that already exists. If you are in an album there is a "Upload here" entry in the admintoolbox already.

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