Exclude an album from keyboardnav-extended

ctdlg Member
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I try to exclude keyboard navigation from a specific album using keyboardnav-extended.php extension.

I did a copy of my album.php (themes folder) and named it albumnokeybnav.php.
I assigned my album to this template.

Line 107, keyboardnav-extended.php file,
If I add
&& $_zp_gallery_page != 'album.php'
It's ok, but all albums are excluded

If I add
&& $_zp_gallery_page != 'albumnokeybnav.php'
does not exclude my album using this template : nav keys do work

I also tried adding
&& $albumname != 'my album'
nav keys do work

I also tried using
without success.

What could be the right code is a mystery for me.


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