Copying Image Data

This may have been raised before, but is it possible to copy all of the data associated with an image (i.e. in the Images tab) to a new image as a bulk action?
This would have the same effect as being able to replace an image file whilst retaining the data.



  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    edited March 2022

    Technically generally but there is nothing for this unless you copy an image using the utilities.

    If your purpose is to replace/update an image, you can do this via FTP if it has the exact same name. You may also have to clear the image cache to re-generate sized versions. (beware that refreshing metadata will re-import them).

  • Using ftp may be risky for us, with a number of amateur volunteers doing uploading, and also how replacing an image might affect our backup routines.
    Our main reason for wanting to replace an image is because it is reversed. I see that there is already a Rotation function available in the Utilities dialogue. Could a Reverse (Flip) feature be added to this? It would solve 90% of our problem.

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    edited March 2022

    Rotation refers to the image orientation. I am not sure I understand how a "reverse (flip)" utility - assuming you mean mirro flipping the image - would help with copying image data?

    Edit: Okay, I read wrong somehow. I can't promise anything for 1.6. You can always create a plugin to functionality to the utilities as there is a filter hook available.

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    I researched a bit and both GD and Imagick do have methods/functions for this. I'll see what we perhaps can do here.

  • Thanks. It is mirror flipping that I would like. I'll await developments.

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