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In the Comments tab, is it possible to display all of the "Not SPAM" Comments first, followed by the "SPAM" ones, both in date order?
We have a rapidly growing list of Comments, offering edits and additional information to the Titles and Descriptions we have created. As each Comment is "closed out" (usually accepted or rejected), we change its status to "SPAM", so the above display change would list all of the "open" (still being evaluated) Comments first.
I realise I could delete the "closed out" Comments, but I want to retain them so there is an audit trail.


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    "is it possible" is generally the wrong question ;-) Again technically yes but not with what exists on the backend. You could technically create your own page to do so.

    I suggest instead of listing them first that we add a something to "filter" the display, so list all, all approved or all spam comments.

  • That would work for me.

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