Tags and database restore function


Using Zenphoto 1.5.9.
If you restore a database using the Zenphoto admin page, you loose your last tag. You have to recreate it.
Luckily, images and albums using this tag do not loose it.

To bypass this, I've created a tag named z-zzz. (last alphabetically for me)
Restoring database from my online website to my localhost machine = no more z-zzz tag. But as I do not need it, I do not care.
If you restore your database on the same machine (backup -> restore), then you have to think about it !


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    Well, itt all depends when your database backup was performed. If you add things after the last and before the next that naturally gets lost.

    The included backup tool usually performs an update once a day (if the site has been visited by anyone front or backend). If you lots of change iI would recommend to manually create backups afterwards.

  • ctdlg Member

    This is how to get the problem :
    1 add a tag named zsomething (last tag alphabetically in your list)
    2 perform a backup - it contains your tag.
    3 restore your backup.
    You will loose the tag you added in step one.

    Note: you will loose your last tag, even if you added it 3 weeks ago, and performed your backup very recently.
    It just needs to be the last one in alphabetic order.

    I'm using 40 tags. My unused z-zzz tag was added 1 week ago, because of loosing my previous very old and needed tag named z-monde.

    I also supposed that it was due to tags beginning with z- , but did not check !

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    I don't see why just the last tag would be missing. Do you use compression on thte backup? I noticed that for me (my servers) compression never works at all. Did you check if the tag is actually in the backup file (you can do a text search via an editor)?

  • ctdlg Member
    edited April 2022

    I can see my z-zzz tag if I edit the uncompressed backup file :


    Once restored, it's no more present :

    Did you try on your side ?

    Note the z-zzz tag is just present on my online website because I know it will disappear on my localhost machine.
    Before using this z-zzztag, z-monde disappeared on my localhost machine once the database was restored.

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    Sorry, didn't try yet as there Easter holidays over here), will next week. Just to ask: Are both installs really the same version and really have the contents (albums, images)?

  • ctdlg Member

    Joyeuses Pâques - Happy Easter - Frohe Ostern


    I always add content on my online web server first.

    I use Clonezilla to update my localhost machines (2) (my backups)
    Then, I restore the 2 localhost databases.

    Second backup is on a laptop I use to show what I did (no need for dsl or fiber connecction.)

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    Okay, just asked because the order of filesystem first and database backup second is really important. But of course as a long time user you know all this already. I will try to reproduce this within the week.

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    Sorry, for the later reply. We sadly can reproduce the issue. We'll let you know here if we have something in the support build/1.6a to test. Might take some more time.

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