weird image urls construction

Hello, I've succesfully upgraded a ZP stone-age installation and I'm quite satisfied with it (1300+ imgs, 600+ albums, 400+ Mapped POIs, 3x langs), nevertheless there are obviously some things that don't work as I've expected. Needless to say I'm working hard to solve them by myself but there are a number of issues that exceed my limited knowledge: the first is that the image url construction in image.php has two different outputs and I can't understand how this happens.

This is the code (line 32 in image.php)

        <?php printDefaultSizedImage(getBareImageTitle(), 'remove-attributes img-responsive center-block'); ?>

this makes correctly the following:

<img alt="bnv_2" class="remove-attributes img-responsive center-block" title="bnv_2" loading="lazy" width="413" height="550" src="/cache/bnv/bnv_2_1000.jpg?cached=1620552892" />

but in too many cases - and random - I get the wrong url:

<img alt="BNV 1" class="remove-attributes img-responsive center-block" title="BNV 1" loading="lazy" width="413" height="550" src="/zp-core/i.php?a=bnv&amp;i=bnv_1.jpg&amp;s=1000&amp;cw=0&amp;ch=0&amp;q=85&amp;wmk=%21&amp;check=b8cfc2f87f8e1efcf9bf9a1bf5f640b1e2b063f5" />

any idea where/what to look for, how to solve that?

( PS: Zenphoto version 1.5.8RC - Theme zpBootstrap+ZenPage - Version PHP: 7.4.27 - )


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    edited April 2022

    The wrong URL is not wrong. That is the image processor URL before the cached resized mage has been generated. Zenphoto generates image sizes on the fly and any theme/plugin can directly request custom sizes.

    So there is nothing to solve. Once the image is cached/generated you get the "correct url". This is not new behaviour and exists "from the beginning". Also see:

    If your theme registeres the sizes with the cacheManager plugin you can pre-cache them.

    Glad you managed to upgrade a stone age install. That often works quite well as the base gallery system is still the same.

  • kyrd Member

    Aha! I've installed the cacheManager plugin, emptied the cache -should have thought that before- and problem (n°1) solved! thanks :-)

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