Page size and fonts mysteriously appear larger.

guirala Member, Translator

Hello people, good morning:
This morning I experienced an unknown problem when accessing my website and the backoffice: In these, the entire screen and its different pages appear in very large font, everything appears larger. This only happens on these pages, any other sites I open in the browser (I use Brave) appear normally. Something similar had happened to me before, but in reverse (smaller font), but I didn't bother to fix it because it looked much better this way.
I've tried looking for something within the ZP or theme settings that might regulate this, but found nothing. It also happens with any theme that I select.
Do you have any solution for this? Thanks.


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    edited June 29

    This is surely nothing Zenphoto does. Did you do any changes like adding some new text content? Such things mostly are caused by some broken HTML somewhere.

    If you didn't edit the theme yourself, it would most likely be content somewhere.

    Or you just did resize the page/font size via your browser accidentally. Some browser like Firefox memorize that for the next visit.

  • guirala Member, Translator

    Hello Acrylian, how are you?
    I actually didn't change or add or edit anything at all anywhere, not in the browser, not on the page.
    I edited the theme a long time ago (although only in some colors) and it never presented any problems.
    Until yesterday everything worked and looked normal. Today when I entered I found this novelty.
    The first thing I did was check the browser settings in case something had changed, but everything is the same, with exactly the same settings as another browser (Chrome). By the way, in Chrome the problem does not appear.

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    Such things don't happen all by itself. I would suspect perhaps some browser cache issue. Try force clearing that. Firefox has buried under Privacy & Security > Cookies and Site Data > Manage data where you can clear that for a specific domain.

  • guirala Member, Translator

    Thank you Acrylian.
    I have tried everything you suggested, and more, but to no avail.
    This is very rare and I can't find an explanation. If this has happened to any forum member with the Brave browser, I would appreciate your feedback. For the time being I have given up further searching for the solution and changed my default browser back to Chrome.
    Thanks for everything.

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    I can only assume that either Brave - never used and only peripherical heard of it - has some font size setting somewhere as well or it simple behaves odd somehow…

  • guirala Member, Translator

    Brave is actually a derivative of Chrome (very, very similar) but with more security and very fast. The configuration is the same as Chrome and the font size, style and scaling are configured exactly the same. For that reason I do not understand what is happening since everything is configured exactly the same.
    As you say, he behaves very, very, very strangely.
    Someday maybe I'll know why. At the moment, there is no point in wasting time on this anymore. I thank you very much for your interest and I send you a cordial greeting.

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