Moving my ZP website.

Rsynced in from /var/www to /mnt/Disk1/www
set permissions in new location to same as old
updated apache2 conf with new folder name
disable, enable website
restarted apache

Getting 403 error

Any thoughts?


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    edited September 2022

    Not sure what you mean with "resynced" exactly… Is that just a new folder only or an actual new server? In any case. Is that still the root of the same domain?

    In any case please see general info on moving sites:

  • RSYNC - a copy utility

    I made a copy of /var/ to /mnt/Disk1/www/

    I set permissions on the new folder to same as old.

    i performed tasks to point apache to new location, and restated apache.

    I am getting a 403 error when I connect.

    Document root changed from /var/www/ to /mnt/Disk1/www/

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    Don't know that tool. Again same server/domain or different locatio?

    Generally moving is the same as installing, expect that the part about content is important.

    403 means something is not where you expect it. That you have to solve.

  • ok... fixed. thanks for the help. It was the apache.conf file. needed to add new root to it.

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