Refreshing metadata is deleting parent and/or sub-album dates

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I am putting together a family photo site with multiple albums. Some albums may stand alone and be year specific (baby so and so), but others may span generations via multiple sub-albums (Christmases over the years).

I have noticed that if I refresh all metadata on a parent album with sub-albums, this deletes the album dates on the sub-albums (image dates are left correct) and deletes the album date on the parent album. However, if I refresh each sub-album individually, one at a time, they pick up the correct date for the sub-album (the date of the most recent picture in the album). If I refresh ALL albums from the Overview tab, the sub-albums are correctly dated but their parent albums are deleted, even if I had already entered the data.

This makes it difficult, because if I add a group of pictures to a few different albums, and refresh their data, I lose the dates on the parent albums.

Is there a way to have the parent album correctly pick up the date of the most recent sub album image? Since this data is not collected, and since date information on albums seems to be lost with various refreshes, I have to keep manually re-dating my parent albums as I add pictures so that I can continue to sort by date. Sadly, it's rather difficult to find the most recent picture in sub-albums, as this information needs to be viewed manually by looking at each sub album.

Note, I DO have checked, "use latest image date as album date" under options, gallery, gallery behavior.

Am I missing something? This feels like a glitch. Refreshing all my Christmas albums shouldn't erase the most recent photo date I've entered for the parent album date. If anything, it should just confirm it. Hopefully this makes sense.

Thank you in advance.


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
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    Generally the album metadata refresh is for the album itself.

    Is there a way to have the parent album correctly pick up the date of the most recent sub album image?

    If the album has no images itself no there is no "latest image date" to use technically. Everything involving the album tree - which can have unlimited sub levels and unlimited images - would be really performance costly especially if this would be used on the fly.

    Why it would remove the date I have no idea right now. If there is no image to use it should probably not do that. I/we would have to try to reproduce that. This may take some days.

  • fretzl Administrator, Developer

    We can reproduce this issue and are looking into it.

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