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Using Zenphoto 1.6a.
Contact form does not work for simple visitors.
It does work if you are logged in.

A simple visitor : sending the email reloads the contact form (empty)
if rgpd is disabled, a pink message says "Please write a message, thanks". Of course, I type a message....

Registered user : sending the email displays the confirmation message; I do receive those emails.

I did try several options using the admin contact extension page options.
I cannot find what is wrong.


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    We are already on 1.6RC ;-) But regardless actually nothing was changed regarding the contact_form since 1.5.9 as far as I remember. Actually for quite some time… Thte only change is that the captcha option and error display is disable if no mail handler is enabled.

    Which do you use? zp_mail or phpmailer?

    Also as usual: Any errors in the log?

  • I'm using zenphoto_sendmail.
    Is there any user permission to set for the contact form ?

    By the way, I've downloaded 1.6 rc.
    I cannot do a fresh install on my localhost machine : database info is rejected (pink color)

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    Is there any user permission to set for the contact form ?

    No. The only difference would be that loggedin users get their mail address and name set already.

    For fresh install issue please start another topic. And look any error logs up already.

  • I will start another topic for 1.6rc.

    I have found my problem : I have disabled my static_html_cache extension.

    Now, a simple user can send messages using the contact form.

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    Ah, okay. Do you use the standard contact.php theme page or another one? For contact.php the plugin's option is normally set to exclude it. If check the option if it is there. For other pages you can add that yourself.

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