I have the following filter rule in


    failregex = \w{24}<HOST>.*Fehlgeschlagen
    datepattern = %%Y-%%m-%%d\ %%H:%%M:%%S
    #ignoreregex =

And a typical entry in my logpath


    2022-12-12 20:04:06   Administrations-Anmeldung       zenadmin2               Fehlgeschlagen

but the regex does not apply. Dont know why it does not work.

Maybe someone has an up and running fail2ban configuration with the zenphoto log ?


  • ronalco Member
    edited December 2022

    at least the fail2ban-regex works now with

    failregex = .*<HOST>.*Fehlgeschlagen
    datepattern = "%%Y-%%m-%%d\ %%H:%%M:%%S"
    ignoreregex =

    it just does not set the IP to blocking mode, needs further investigation..

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    Sorry, I cannot help, I don't even know what fail2ban is…

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