Missing admin menu for zenji1.1 theme

Just upgraded my gallery to 1.6 due to php8 upgrade, and it works very fine (and upgrade was smooth), thank you so much for that ! I also upgraded my zenji theme to version 1.1 to be compliant with zenphoto 1.6. So far so good.

I just notice I miss the administration menu at the top of the album page when displaying album while being loggued. If I change theme to let say "basic", the admin menu is there as expected.

I did some changes to image.php and inc_footer.php files of the zenji theme, but I dont believe this is related.

Any hint what should I look at about that admin menu ?

Thank you, and again congratulations for the work done for zenphoto 1.6 to support php8 !


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    edited December 2022

    Thanks! Regarding zenji, That should display the menu on top of the page. At least it does on our demo. Did you force clear your browser cache? These are so persistent these days, that they often don't get updates instantly causing lots of confusing. Although I don't think we really added CSS changes to the theme…
    But also review your footer file since that is where the admintoolbox (as we call it) normally is added via the body_close filter.

    Edit: Your theme's footer needs to have this filter call

    <?php zp_apply_filter('theme_body_close'); ?>
  • Indeed it was an error I did in footer.php ! All is fine now.

    Thank you as always !

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