Can ZP do cloud based albums? If not we need this.....

I think this is the ONLY future for ZP. Interfacing with 'google photos' or a drop box folder, etc. is an option that needs to be implemented to keep ZP relevant. ZP by it's nature is cloud based but is designed to reference a folder within its domain. If this capability is already possible, I am unaware of it, and if so it needs to be prioritized, and promoted.

Capabilities to alter the EXIF data, online, would be a life changer. Then ZP could be an extremely useful tool. A tool that flows through to a gallery, referencing a cloud folder. Then ZP is gold!!

I see so little interaction on this board that I have serious concerns about ZP as an open source going forward. Adding some capabilities that include cloud based options might breath some life into ZP. I love ZP but I am worried about its open source viability with anything less than its current user base. Something needs to be done to promote ZP's viability long term, the user base seems to be shrinking, and nothing in the current structure is making ZP more popular. I would welcome any comments that prove me wrong.

Tom Lowe


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
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    Zenphoto is specifially for self hosting with no external dependency. A web server is already a kind of cloud if you will. So no it can't and this has been answered a lof of times. You may be able to create some workarounds using symlinks or manually via textobjects like with youtube videos or else.

    Using external sources as you would suggest would require a lot of work because it is an totally different concept. Also the maintainance work required to keep all these different APIs working as you cannot just access any external "folder". Even just Google Photos would be a major project of itself especially if we are not just talking about importing but actually using the photos from there directly and even edit them. That would be like creating an interface for Google Photos…

    Such features would probably not be possible for free anymore. I don't want to make ZP any sort of commerical tool even if course commerical extras would be very well possible.

    We have nothting planned for this . Before we dream of such features let us work on cleaning up some code and HTML base of ZP for the "next major release". Perhaps than we can talk again.

    User base is shrinking everywhere unless you are a major player already. Because people love convenience and simple things with no technics and for sure no code involved. As a small and specialized project we will never be able to compete with headliners like WP which also a huge user base, hundreds of contributors and also has support of a million dollar heavy company in the background. Or with paid hosting services that also exist for easy setup.

  • tplowe56 wrote : "I think this is the ONLY future for ZP. Interfacing with 'google photos' or a drop box folder, etc. is an option that needs to be implemented to keep ZP relevant. "

    Oh, no, not at all !
    I'm a Zenphoto user and I agree with acrylian.
    I will never use Google Photos or any other "social media" - it's my choice.

    If you enjoy kiss (keep it simple, stupid), Google photos, Instagram or some other social media websites are quite good !
    Do not forget your photos belong to GAFAM ...

    Zenphoto is unique for me.
    For example, it's the only CMS that follows my hd folder structure,
    and so many good features.
    Interface Zenphoto with Google photos, and we will lose what makes it so nice !

    Trying to understand things is harder than being simple users, but I'm sure we have to carry on studying and working hard.
    With Zenphoto, you control everything, from php, mariadb versions, to template, plugins, ability to add what you need.

    Happy new year !

  • Thanks for the great insight guys. I appreciate all your hard work. After reading the replies it's obvious that my idea is not viable.

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