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Having uploaded a large number of folders and images with ftp to a new Zenphoto ver 1.6 installation, is there some way to force zenphoto to 'discover' all folders and files and add them to the mysql database?

I am trying to transfer old image databases (a great many folders and images) from old Gallery Menalto databases to Zenphoto - to do this I need to be sure that Zenphoto has added all images and folders to its database before I can then update the zenphoto info from the old database using perl with sql queries and updates.

My experience of PHP is very small but will, I hope, expand.

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  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    is there some way to force zenphoto to 'discover' all folders and files and add them to the mysql database?

    Yes, the utility button called "Refresh the database" does a forced scan of all folders. If you really have an awful lot of folders and images I would recommend to do this in steps as otherwise this certainly can overload/crash your server.

    Also be sure to close the site for maintenance as otherwise outside accesss can interfere.

  • thank you - I will give that a go - and hope I have no crashes!


  • Sorry, me again.

    I did 'refresh database' which has indeed found and databased all the folders - is there something I can do to find and database all the images as well?

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  • OK - I've found out how to do it - expand your album view - in Albums tab -> show 1 album level (top right)

    If you have a lot of albums and images do it slowly or bit by bit - can be a bit slow - or just expand one section at a time.


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    Somehow I was mistaking that the database refresh also reads images I admit…

    The albums tab is a way but it will happen as needed in any case. Note that hiding sublevels within the album list and not via the dropdown does only hide them via JS. They are still read and listed so do not really speed up.

    Another way to see all images is to ue the cachemanager and preache the image sizes. If you limit the sizes to generate it will be faster

  • Or do a refresh metadata.

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