Create a MySQL database - How?

Basic question how do I create a a MySQL database?
Asustor NAS, Zenphoto's 1.5.7.r1
I've gone down the rabbit hole and not sure what to do next. ZP looks great, but it's a pretty raw package.

Package has downloaded something called MariaDB, I have downloaded myPHPadmin.
It's asking questions like the mysql character set and the number of rows.
What do I select?


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    First: Current Zenphoto release ist 1.6.

    Zenphoto is meant for webservers and you normally have an interface on your webhost to create database (mysql or mariadb are great). So you need a webserver environment as noted on our requirements page.

    I have no knowledge about an "Asustor NAS" and how that works. If that does not have such a server system, you have to setup it that (which that I cannot help with).

    If you then installed phpMyAdmin you can create database with it.

    The character set of a database in Zenphoto 1.6. should be utf8mb4_unicode_ci or if supported utf8mb4_unicode_520_ci. Tables and number of rows is not important as Zenphoto's setup process does all that.

  • fretzl Administrator, Developer

    Please ask this on the Asutor forum. They should know how to configure a webserver and database on your NAS.
    BTW: the latest Zenphoto release is 1.6

  • thanks. I don't know how to install the latest version. I'll wait till the guy who packaged it up for the Asustor does the new one.
    I'm really looking for a turnkey solution, don't have the time nor inclination to start learning the intricacies and incantations of linux etc.

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    I'll wait till the guy who packaged it up for the Asustor does the new one.

    If you have a webserver you find all the install instruction on our site. If your NAS is such a specific "closed system" that you need someone to package things up for it to work with that likely is your "turnkey solution".

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