Media Element JS Issue


I have been using the media element js plugin for a while and just today the player is glitching out when I go to view a video. The video box won't automatically adjust to the page. The controls are messed up and they appear at the top of the player rather than the bottom. Would it be CSS related? I have disabled the plugin for now. I'm on version 1.5.9.



  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    Yes, that is CSS related as the whole player is done via CSS. Theme CSS overrides that here and that was always a bit tricky…

    I don't develop that plugin anymore as by now all major browsers support native HTML5 based video/audio and its main purpose was to support fallbacks for flash video/audio. And Flash is history as well, no one should still have that, it is rather obsolete. The playlist was rather buggy as well.

    Zenphoto does support that via the class-video plugin directly (except a playlist for now). The included jplayer plugin has a playlist but that plugin is deprecated now with Zenphoto 1.6 (the player itself is abandoned by its own devs, too).

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