Dynamic Album Failure

This is weird...

Zenphoto 1.6.a and the matching ZPBootstrap

The site I'm managing has many dynamic albums which are mapped to individual tags (one tag per album)

For example, there is a tag "ROMA: welcome" and a dynamic album for the rotating home page image using "searchs=ROMA: welcome&searchfields=tags_exact" as its selector

Up to yesterday it was working - today it is not.

In the Admin - Albums page, the dynamic album is indicated as empty

In the Admin - Tags page, that Tag is show as occurring 13 times

To the best of my knowledge we have not updated PHP, ZenPhoto or ZPBootstrap since the end of February when we upgraded to 1.6.a

(The ZP logs show a few deprecated functions which I'm investigating but non appear related to Search)

Search has not functioned since we upgraded to 1.6.a - we can live with that but an almost blank homepage is not ideal! Any suggestions welcome...


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    I assume you mean 1.6.1a and not 1.6a because there is 1.6 of course?

    Deprecated functions should generally not cause this. They should be replaced but as long as they are there they should work.

    Generally alpha versions are not yet complete because in development. But if your last 1.6.1a is from later February you should try the latest as there have been updates meanwhile.

    Search itself was not broken in 1.6 to our knowledge. The only thing that was broken was the searchfields selection on the theme search form. That meanwhile is fixed.

    Also try clearing the search cache or just disable it.

  • My bad - it is 1.6.1a

    I'll try your other suggestions - many thanks

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