Purge HTML cache Missing in 1.6.1a?

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I have a site where the live version is on 1.6.0 and I was able to "Purge HTML cache" in the overview page to fix incorrect numbers showing up for my tag list (the tag list numbers did not match the actual picture numbers that appeared after you clicked the link).

The version of the site on my NAS has the same problem, but it is on 1.6.1a and the Purge HTML cache option is not there - thus I can't fix the incorrect numbers.

Was this option removed or changed to something else I need to do to get these numbers to update?

I've tried refreshing the database and purging the search cache, as those options are available to me in my 1.6.1a install, but they do not fix the miscounts for the tags.

Any thoughts?


  • fretzl Administrator, Developer

    You have to enable the cacheManager plugin.

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    Just to note that this will be changed in the coming 1.6.1 release.

  • The cacheManager plugin is already activated on both of my sites (NAS and Live versions), so that does not seem to be the issue for me.

    I have available to me on my 1.6.1a site in the Overview tab under Cache:
    Cache manager
    Cleanup image cache sizes
    Purge Image cache
    Purge search cache

    But on my 1.6.0 site in the Overview tab under Cache, I have the one additional option, which is the one I need:
    Cache manager
    Cleanup image cache sizes
    Purge HTML cache <--this one is missing on my 1.6.1a site.
    Purge Image cache
    Purge search cache

  • ctdlg Member

    This option disappears from time to time on my zenphoto website.

    Fixing the problem is easy :
    1 deactivate cache manager
    2 reactivate cache manager

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    edited June 2023

    I see we have some mixup possible. Just in case: Note that 1.6.1a is not a fixed version, it is a work in progress version. So the latest master is needed (as always not recommended for a production site as there are still some bugs).

    On that current master the purge HTML cache button - it's a utility and not an option by the way ;-) - is part of the static_html_cache plugin.

  • Activating the static_html_cache plugin did return the option (deactivating and reactivating the cache manager plugin did not).

    However, and sadly, unlike with 1.6.0, clearing the html cache did not fix the incorrect tag numbers on 1.6.1a... so they remain wrong for me on some of the tags, making it appear that there are more pictures than you will really get after you click the link.

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    Wrong tag counts would be something for a separate topic.

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