Redirected page problem.

dear @acrylian i was just try understand why google not index my pages and i find out there is some Redirected page problem in my zenphoto website. ( you can see here pls whats the problem )

and more pages this same problem in many pages.
i just make myself sitemap.html to for the gues and give link in pages.
i dont understand how zenphoto Redirected my many pages to that page ?
is there anywhere i can fix Redirected pages code ?

im still using 1.5.7 version i know its much older then new version but before uptade aswell
i need to be sure im i gonna lose my settings and page names and photos ?

thanks very much kids regards.


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    Your screenshot actually does not show any actual "page redirect" problem but just that the urls are not indexed because your sitemap is not found.

    That is no surprise because your "sitemap" is not a sitemap. It is a human readable tree. If you want to submit a sitemap to Google it must be a "real" sitemap in XML format following the sitemap specs. That likely causes a "404 not found" redirection.

    You should be able to manually request indexing of an URL.

    Zenphoto as an included sitemap plugin even in 1.5.7 to generate a proper sitemap respectively sitemaps.

    Generally Google will index your site even without a sitemap if your links are reachable. The sitemap is no guarantee and only is a guide for Google. However when and how extensively it does that is up to lots of not fully known internal Google (SEO) measures like "importance" of the site. You cannot force indexing directly.

    This is really not a Zenphoto problem as for example our own site is fully indexed.

    In any case please upgrade. 1.5.7 is over three years old and a lot changed since then. Once your server moves to PHP 8 you will be forced to as your site will break.

  • Dear @acrylian first thanks very much for your response.

    Thats my sitemap :
    and indexed already in google.
    other sitemap was only for guest who is visiting website not mean anyting for crawlers and google.

    and if u can check again pls you can see my sitemap already indexed and the pages which im talking about was already idexted in google till the Redirected page problem.

    i will send you all the secreenshots again

    thanks very much if you can help me please how to solve problem.

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    other sitemap was only for guest who is visiting website not mean anyting for crawlers and google.

    Okay, that make sense. In old web days you provided such a sitemap but if your site has a proper navigation and structure you should not need that. If you do you perhaps need to work on the site structure ;-)

    The screenshots as the older one indicates that Google tries to index "sitemap.html" - which you highlighted yourself - which naturally will not work as Google notes.

    Wild guess is that the "sitemap" part confuses Google's bot despite the html suffix.

    Try renaming the page to something else like "sitestructure.html" or similar (check that you haven't linked it in the robots.txt for auto discovery!). Google will generally try to follow any link it finds on your site (even with a certain so called "link budget" each site/page has) so it naturally will also index that sitemap.html page. But it should not treat it as "the" sitemap.

    In general this is actually not a Zenphoto problem.

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