My update for Paradigm theme

kuzzzma Member, Translator

I've been using customized Paradigm theme for my Zenphoto website, but latest ZenPhoto release made it unusable due to some depreciated functions (for example, you could't even access theme options).

I wrote to original author offrench in February with bug report for several issues, got no reply and ended up fixing all of them myself.
Last week I wrote again to get permission to share my update and also got no reply.

So, the theme seems to be abandoned - I've decided to share it on my blog, in case someone else may get a use of it too.

What I did for version 1.2:

  • Replaced depreciated functions
  • Fixed typos
  • Fixed pagination on Gallery page
  • Meta tags: using Image Title for description tag, if no extended image description is available.
  • Removed defunct services from options: Add This, Google+
  • Added support for plugins: Featured Images, Image Markup Fields
  • Option to use logo or text for site title
  • Displaying Popular Tags in sidebar
  • Updated to use Google Analytics GA4

Paradigm 1.2 page:


  • download link to the latest version
  • list of supported plugins
  • installation instructions
  • suggested gallery options
  • screenshot
  • changelog
  • ways to contact me with bug reports

My testing demo-site:



  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    edited June 2023

    Great, such updates are always welcome. Technically a theme is GPL v2 or later (or some compatible licence) so legally it should be okay.

    Perhaps consider to put it on GitHub or another open platform which to my knowledge the original author never did.

    The theme demo seems to use Google fonts. If the theme itself does as well, it should be optional since as it is considered a privacy problem at least in the EU and other countries ("phoning home" to Google). Better is to have fonts included locally.

    Technically it can be used but with privacy consent only. Same for GA of course (which seems not be enabled there though).

    (And btw, its "Zenphoto", not "ZenPhoto" ;-))

  • kuzzzma Member, Translator
    edited June 2023

    I left it at my own site since author never stated his preference for this theme specifically - his photos, for example, exclude derivative works, but this theme uses bootstrap, so some building upon should be allowed?

    I plan to post other themes I'm working on to github, but for that one I've decided to err on the side of caution.

    With Google services - I'll probably just delete this font reference, if someone is reliant on it - they can add it themselves.
    But with Analytics - I'll have to research what notices even have to be made... it seems everyone just leaves it to the owner of the site to make a decision according to their local laws.

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    I left it at my own site since author never stated his preference for this theme specifically - his photos, for example, exclude derivative works, but this theme uses bootstrap, so some building upon should be allowed?

    A theme is a derivative and dependent work of Zenphoto as the "mother project" generally so it inherits its licences bec. There might be exceptions for design itself but at least for code itself there should not be a problem. It's handled like this on any even bigger CMS out there. Even the commercial themes for a certain widely used CMS are GPL generally.

    I will tomorrow add a note to the paradigm theme entry that there is an updated fork available.

    Looking forward to more themes :-)

    it seems everyone just leaves it to the owner of the site to make a decision according to their local laws.

    Sure, the site owner is responsible and for GA you need an account so the owner should know what he is doing and nothing is "sneaked" in as it is possible with the fonts.

  • kuzzzma Member, Translator

    I've removed font link from template head section and added note in theme options about Analytics (support for GA4 & local laws)

  • kuzzzma Member, Translator
    edited July 2023

    Big update with a lot of new options in Paradigm version 1.3:

    • Cleaned up and structured Theme Options.
    • Added options:

      • Control how many News Items are shown on Homepage.
      • Control if Dropdown Menus are shown, separately for Albums, News, Pages.
      • Option to display mix of Albums and various sets of Images on Homepage.
      • Optional Sidebar in Archive.
      • If Print_album_menu is enabled, Album List it’s shown in Sidebar for Contact, Search and Credits pages.
      • Optional Popular Tags in Sidebar.
      • Control how Popular Tags are displayed.
      • Extended “Copyright Notice” field (HTML allowed), displayed on Image and Credits pages.
      • Additional “Homepage Message” field (HTML allowed), to display on Homepage.
      • Option to display “Gallery Description” as tagline under Text Logo in Header.
    • Fixed noindex/nofollow for Tags pages.

    • Favicon in [website root] folder will be linked in the Head section.
    • If you use IMG Logo in Header, it will be automatically included as OpenGraph and Twitter Preview Image for Homepage.
    • If logo not selected: img.png in [website root]/uploaded folder will used.
    • Preview Images for other pages for OpenGraph and Twitter cards either use Default Size for Images in gallery or 800px width.
    • Added glyphicons from Bootstap to Headings for more uniform look.
    • New optional pages: Explore (lists all used Tags) and Sitemap (lists all News Categories, Pages and all Albums).
    • Some code clean-up and updates for mobile presentation.
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    edited July 2023

    It should be noted that the theme probably is not compabile with the html_meta_tags plugin which provides twitter and opengraph elements as well.

  • kuzzzma Member, Translator

    It's noted in the Installation notes and recommended options that you have to disable some stuff from list of html_meta_tags,
    I'll check that all duplicate fields are mentioned.

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    edited July 2023

    Okay, good, I hadn't checked everything. I have (longterm) plans to extend html_meta_tags to be more flexible. But probably not for 1.6.x though.

  • kuzzzma Member, Translator
    edited July 2023

    Quick update to 1.3a

    • fix getMainSiteURL() (depreciated function) in header, footer and breadcrumbs.
    • fixed breadcrumbs for uniform look on all pages with home icon.
  • kuzzzma Member, Translator

    New update to my fork of Paradigm theme: current version is 1.4 .

    • Added option to assign rel=”nofollow” to Tags links (works on every page, where they are displayed).
    • Added option to specify length to News Items on Homepage.
    • Added option to enable Album Descriptions on Homepage.
      If Album Custom Data is present – it is shown in full, if it is not available, Album Description is used.

    • Added option to specify length of Album Descriptions on Homepage.

    • Fixed H1 on News Archive pages.
    • Added sorting parameters to Archive list.
    • Some code clean-up.
    • Changed theme preview.

    Link to latest version is always available here:

    Bug reports and feature suggestions are welcome.

  • Ewgeniy Member
    edited January 10

    Hi, this is a very nice design theme. But I don't need a blog and an image at the top. How to use Paradigm as a simple photo gallery? To have all albums as thumbnails on the main page?
    And how do you enable full screen slideshow within an album?

  • fretzl Administrator, Developer
    edited January 10

    You can try the following:

    • In the theme options, disable the option Homepage slideshow
    • In Admin -> Plugins, disable the zenpage plugin.

    EDIT: Sorry, this is only answers a small part of your questions.
    I'm afraid you will have to modify the theme to get what you want.

  • OK, thank you. I will try.

  • Ewgeniy Member
    edited January 10

    And I don't have the Homepage slideshow option.

    I'm sorry, but I never found the "slideshow" button. (( There are plugins “jplayer” and “slideshow2”, but the description says: “Deprecated: This plugin will be removed in future versions.” and I don’t install them. Please tell me how can I enable a slideshow to show photos full screen?

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    Deprecation does not mean you currently cannot use it as it will take quite some time until this is really removed as that will be a major version. There will be a replacement anyway.

    Please tell me how can I enable a slideshow to show photos full screen?

    You have to enable the plugin and for full screen probably use the colorbox mode.

    Probably the theme is tied to that plugin, but sorry I am not really familiar with it.

    Generally the current autor/maintainer @kuzzzma would be of more help here.

  • I enabled the "slideshow2" plugin and the "jQuery Colorbox" mode, but nothing changed. ) The slide show start button did not appear. ) We'll have to wait for a response from the developer. )

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    The slideshow2 plugin is actually meant for albums itself. It could be used elsewhere but will by itself not work on the gallery page. Guess the theme does some custom things here or requires some extra settings beforehand. I am sure the dev will reply soon.

  • OK, thank you.

  • kuzzzma Member, Translator

    Hi, @Ewgeniy

    Here are some answers:

    • But I don't need a blog and an image at the top.

    If you have no need for custom pages or blog/news functionality at all - you need to disable zenpage plugin via Plugins->Active page.

    If you don't want blog post on your homepage - you need to remove check mark in Options->Theme in "Homepage options" titled Homepage blog.

    • Image at the top - is it a site logo or a slideshow on homepage?

    If Logo: you should go to Options->Theme and in section "Custom theme options" change setting for Header logo to "Use Gallery Name text"

    If you mean Slideshow on homepage: Options->Theme in "Homepage options" you need to remove check mark for Homepage slideshow

    • To have all albums as thumbnails on the main page?

    In Options->Theme in "Homepage options" in "Homepage content" check Albums. To display all your top level albums you might need to adjust number for displayed albums in Options->Theme->"Standard options" (first setting for theme, scroll up)

    • And how do you enable full screen slideshow within an album?

    What do you mean by that?
    Slideshow for an album like the one on homepage?
    Or pop-up with full size images to click through?

    Hope that helps.

    Overall, I've expanded the options for this theme massively, so I suggest looking through them and trying out different settings, disabling and enabling things to suit to your liking.

  • @kuzzzma Привет! Благодарю за ответ. Посещал Ваш сайт, очень замечательные работы. Приношу всем извинения, но на русском, возможно, я быстрее и точнее объясню. ) Под изображением вверху я имел ввиду именно изображение, большое, не логотип. С этим разобрался. ) Это оказывается слайд-шоу, и могу указать альбом из которого брать фото. ) Под слайд-шоу фотографий имею ввиду полноценное слайд-шоу, с возможностью просмотра на весь экран. Сейчас в альбоме нет кнопок включения слайд-шоу, обычно это треугольник, как play. Если выбрать фото в альбоме, то оно просто на экране, и кнопки вперед и назад, и всё. Фото даже не кликабельно, проверил на Вашем сайте также. Самое интересное, что если зайти в архив, то фото там кликабельны, и если щелкнуть на фото, то появляется лайтбокс, и можно хотя бы перемещаться с помощью стрелок на клавиатуре, хотя кнопки включения слайд-шоу тоже нет. )

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    Please keep it in English. Thanks.

  • Ewgeniy Member
    edited January 11

    Ок. )
    @kuzzzma Hello! Thank you for your reply. I visited your site, very wonderful work. I apologize to everyone, but in Russian, perhaps I will explain faster and more accurately. ) By the image above, I meant the image, a large one, not the logo. I figured it out. ) It turns out to be a slide show, and I can indicate the album from which to take the photo. ) By photo slideshow I mean a full-fledged slideshow, with the ability to view it in full screen. Now the album does not have buttons to turn on the slide show, usually it is a triangle, like play. If you select a photo in an album, it’s just on the screen, and there are forward and back buttons, and that’s it. The photo is not even clickable, I checked it on your website as well. The most interesting thing is that if you go to the archive, the photos there are clickable, and if you click on the photo, a lightbox appears, and you can at least navigate using the arrows on the keyboard, although there is no button to turn on the slide show either. )

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    I apologize to everyone, but in Russian, perhaps I will explain faster and more accurately.

    I do understand as English is not my native language as well. But forum language is English only (see the forum rules please) so everyone including us can understand, benefit or help. Thanks for understanding.

  • Of course I understand. It’s just that nowadays the browser translates from any language on the fly. ) It’s like in a science fiction movie, everyone speaks their own language, but a small device translates into their native language. ) "City of a thousand planets." )

  • Sorry to ask here. can you recommend the newest fully functional theme? So that everything works without any tricks. ) Both slide show and full screen viewing. There are so many, you can’t try everything. There is no sorting by date, it is not clear which is newer. )

  • kuzzzma Member, Translator


    Thanks for the explanation, got what you meant.

    Paradigm theme had no functionality for such a slideshow (even though Zenphoto has a plugin for it) and I didn't add it, as I have no use for it.
    I'll look into incorporating it, if the plugin is enabled.

    Thanks for reporting problems with colorbox!
    It should be a consistent behaviour, both in album pages and in the archives, I'll make it so in the next update for the theme.

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    Both slide show and full screen viewing. There are so many,

    All official themes have slideshow support for albums including the colorbox "full screen". Of course these themes are a bit outdated.

    GEnerally a search for "responsive" gives more current themes.

    The latest added themes (first release) are listed in the sidebar. I cannot tell about in all details but we hostthree 3rd party themes: zenji, libratus and zpbase. And also forked thte apparently abandoned zpBootstrap. We only oughly maintain with bugfixes to work with current Zenphoto versions primarily on request.

    Multiverse, collections and paradigm are good and maintained 3rd party themes.

    You will most likely not find any that 100% fits our wishes of course.

  • @kuzzzma
    Thank you very much for your answers!

  • ChristianS Member
    edited March 12

    Hi @kuzzzma,

    you saved my day! I found your post here today, because I was looking for a working theme for Zenphoto, which you know, is not so easy these days ;-) Especially, if you're looking to something that fits to your own webpage.

    I'm now using your modified paradigm theme. If you wanna have a look:

    There is only one thing, I would like to be changed: Pictures for slideshows can only be selected from "published" Albums. I would like to select them from a special folder, that will not be published, because these pictures are just like "teasers". Is there any way, to disable the check for published/unpublished folders in the slide show?


  • kuzzzma Member, Translator

    Hi @ChristianS, so glad you found it of use (and so happy you used it for planespotting of all things!)

    At first glance I was not able to get rid of unpublished clause, will check more on weekend, but some ideas:

    • currently you can use a dynamic album as a source of slideshow pictures - this way you can to collect images from various published albums by adding "slideshow" tags or by searching by other criteria so they can work as teasers for your content.
      Note that though Dynamic albums can collect and display unpublished images, they won't show in the slideshow as of now.

    • another option I will be looking into is to add option to use images from special folder in "uploaded" folder for the slideshow - now it's used for logos and other files you don't want to display in the main gallery, this way there is no problem with published status at all.

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