How open menú in a new tab.

guirala Member, Translator

Hello people of the forum:
I have created on my zenphoto site a first level menu entry called "Blog", intended to direct the user to a blog I have created with Wordpress as a subdomain of my main site. My question is: how can I get "Blog" to open in a new tab when that entry is clicked?, since I want to be able to return to the main site when the blog is closed.
I've searched all over the forum but couldn't find anything on this topic.
Thank you so much.


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    edited July 2023

    Indeed you can't with the menu_manager. In plain HTML you would just add target="_blank"to the link element but the custom link has no option for that. I will put that on the todo list…

  • guirala Member, Translator

    Thanks Acrylian, I'm not in a hurry so I'll wait.

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