Unable to use Search Function

So, in the Admin panel i have the following options ticked:

Basically Picture Title, Picture Header, File/Folder-Name, Object name.

But no matter what i tick i cant search/find anything, not a folder not a name not anything.

What could be the reason? Sadly i cannot use my Website right now because without the search function its useless.

Maybe if anyone has any idea that could help me here, thanks in advance.


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    Which Zenphoto version are you using? Are you using modrewrite? Also try to disable the search cache.

  • Oxiblect Member
    edited November 2023

    I am using Version 1.6, which should be the leatest.

    I will try and I will let you know if that fixed the issue.

    Edit: Is setting the cache expiry time to 0 enough to turn off the cache?

    Edit2: Doing that didnt help

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    Edit: Is setting the cache expiry time to 0 enough to turn off the cache?

    Yes, that is enough.

    A link to the site would be perhaps useful. And if it is not a production site you can try 1.6.1a.

  • Sure, the site link is: https://yamahateileindex.online/zen/

    How am I able to upgrade the version? I installed it via softaculous

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    edited November 2023

    Please enable modrewrite on Options > General if your webspace has that. If not please contact your host. There is a bug in 1.6 that search does not work without modrewrite. Nowadays basically everyone uses (and should use that). That should fix search in 1.6.

    You find install and upgrade infos here: https://www.zenphoto.org/news/installation-and-upgrading/

    Downloads are here: https://www.zenphoto.org/pages/download/ For 1.6.1a (not yet fully ready!) scroll down to "Support build".

  • That was it, thanks alot

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