update 1.6 to 1.6.1

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I've done all steps.
the config file zenphoto.cfg.php points correctly to host IP:
but the log file states: Access denied for user '******'@''
why it does not uses the supplied db host address ?
(credentials checked are correct for correct host)
any clues ?



  • more on: removed the cfg file (renamed) zenphoto.cfg.php
    it starts with a new setup asking for credential.
    But I've stopped as scared to loose data.

    to me this means it's reading the correct configuratione file "zenphoto.cfg.php" but misreading the $conf['mysql_host']

  • opened ticket to host too as it's really weird....

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    Sorry for your trouble. I don't remember any changes in these area right now. I don't have any host using an IP for the db server but that should work of course Otherwise try the generic "localhost" perhaps.

    Which db handler are you using? MySQLi oder PDO?

    But I've stopped as scared to loose data.

    You should not loose any data. But in any case backups are always a good idea before updates.

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    We have for sure not any predefined IP address, no IP address at all. Default is if "localhost".

  • MySQLi as was before.
    thius should be some hoster issue. wating for their response.
    I've backupped either sql than web side.. waiting for hoster answer the wrong IP is in their domains)... or I'll perform a "restart" on a temporary one (just to be safe).
    ty will let know updates

  • hoster: check PHP version.
    (8.1 --> 8.2 --> 8.3) not solved.

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    We haven't tested 8.3 since we have not yet access to it. But we did everyhing on 8.2. I doubt it is the PHP version.

    The updates of our own site and demo site worked also without any issues.

    I can only suggest to re-check the credentials for a minor typo or something. A completely filled db config should look like this, just in case:

     $conf['db_software'] = 'MySQLi';   
     $conf['mysql_user'] = 'username';  
     $conf['mysql_pass'] = 'password';  
     $conf['mysql_host'] = 'dbserver;
     $conf['mysql_database'] = databasename'; 
     $conf['mysql_prefix'] = 'zp_'; 
     $conf['mysql_port'] = "3306"; 
     $conf['mysql_socket'] = ""; // you usually don't have to set this
  • installed in a local ubu srv, it works fine. So it's definitely some weird hosting side. As solved, will update here... who knows can help some1 too

  • rnervi Member
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    checked twice and all is ok. the weird side is that it reads an IP address from config but tries to log on another !
    wating for hoster to investigate. Is definitely not a zenphoto issue

  • as hoster cannot read what I type....
    question: what about if I remove(rename) the config file and run the setup.php ? does the present db is respected and the images folder with structure ? ty

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    Yes, you can rename/delete the config file and re-run setup to have it re-created.

    But if editing it manually with the correct credentials still results in that wrong IP address it probably will not fix it.

    If the correct IP address results in a different one being used this sounds like some weird redirection is in place. That would be the server/host to fix then…

  • eh I tried, but as wrote, sounds they are not reading words in ticket with necessasry attention ! ty will try tomorro morning

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
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    Sadly some hosts really provide minimal support of the general things… Hopefully your's will pay atention soon. Perhaps just all in holiday season mode…

  • rnervi Member

    I hard coded connection data inside the file class-dbmysqli.php and it now works ! very weird
    question: can give me a small php that read config data and prints them out ? it smells like "I read x but receive y"

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    But where should the wrong IP come from? We do set "localhost" as a default but if there is config data that should not be used.

    The actual db config data is set within functions-basic.php starting line 194. You can write any data to the debug.log using debuglog($somevar); (in 1.6.2 it also supports arrays).
    Around line 223 the data should be set within $_zp_db global db handler object.

  • rnervi Member

    dunno. The onky thing I know checking IP is owned by hoster.
    ty will do some test in aseparate subfolder

  • Ewgeniy Member
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    Hello, I installed v.1.6.1. I need to insert the Yandex.Metrika code, on the "gallery" tab there is a field "Insert code:" I inserted and saved. But this code does not appear on any page. (( Then I installed the "defaultcodeblocks" plugin, pasted the code there, and enabled all three types (album, gallery, image). But the code only appeared on the page with the image. (( How do I paste the Yandex.Metrika code so that it is present on all, any gallery pages?
    Theme Multiverse v2.2
    And I didn't find the possibility of Schema.org or Open Graph markup.

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    The theme must have built in support for code blocks. You will likely have to add printCodeblock() yourself to the theme.

    The better but more advanced way would be to create a plugin to include the code via the theme_head or theme_body_close filter (which any proper theme should have built in).

    You can enable opengraph via the html_meta_tags plugin.schema.org is not yet available (adding json-ld is planned for sometime in the future).

  • Oh, sorry, I thought the "html_meta_tags plugin" only included the regular "<meta name=" I saw it and turned it on. Thank you! ) Yes, “theme_head” would be good, in “Piwigo” this can be done without any problems. But I want to switch to "Zenphoto". )

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
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    OpenGraph tags are justs meta tags as well ;-)

    A plugin for that "theme_head" filter is relatively simple, depending on your knowledge. You find a general demo plugin on our Github: https://github.com/zenphoto/demo-plugin

    Take that as an example. Instead of the demo functions use something like this:

    zp_register_filter('theme_head', 'yourplugin::script');
    class yourplugin {
       static function script() {
           echo "Your script code here";
  • Although I have been in IT since the appearance of the IBM PC XT in the USSR. )) But programming is not my thing, although sometimes I edited the code when there was no other choice. And creating a plugin is beyond me. ) I'll be satisfied for now with the presence of the code on the image page. )

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    Well, that's as long as I am (I started with the C64). Take a look at the demo plugin which is fully commented and with the above example you should get along then;-)

  • Fine. Thank you.

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