maintenance mode

is there a "manual" way to reset a site to "online" status ?
(e.g. a DB field or what - on a test ground, it cannot remove the "offline" status, I would like to check if al is ok. ty.


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    edited December 2023

    Yes, find the setting$conf['site_upgrade_state'] = "closed" in the config file and change it to $conf['site_upgrade_state'] = "open";

    It also allows the value "closed_for_test" so being loggedin as full admin you can test the site while it still being closed for all visitors.

    But normally being loggedin as admin you should be able to change the maintenance mode that right from the backend. There is even a bar above on the backend and wihtin the admin tool bar on the front end indicating any closed status.

    In case you missed the new behaviour while running setup is documented in the 1.6. release post in the section "New utilities": and on

  • ty will do that

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