image cache
I purged the image cache but they do not regenerate when you view the page.
Some pages show images - eg C and Z but others do not eg V and F and some have some but not others eg R
Refreshing the page or clearing browser history has no effect.
How can I regenerate them?
Thank you


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    edited January 3

    It should re-generate on each visit. A failure can have numerous reasons. Please review your debuglog.

    Also please consider to upgrade as 1.5.8 is already a bit older and 1.5.8b is not even the actual 1.5.8 release, too.

    The 3rd party theme is of course a bit older as well and not actively maintained for years (even at times of 1.5.8). Should not really make any difference I think but test with an official theme please, too.

  • Thank you for your prompt reply

    There was, in fact, a mis-configuration on the webserver. That has been corrected and all is working as it should - the images are being regenerated as you open each page, as expected.

    Thank you,

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