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Roland Member, Translator

I'm working on the French translation. I've got a bunch of lines about cookies policy from every Zenphoto cookie, it's located in functions.php.

eg : Stores guest user <em>album item</em> access credentials. <em>itemid</em> refers to the ID of the album.

But I've been looking in the plugin cookieconsent and admin-options without finding the text. I'm missing something ?

Side question : maybe I could unify the zenphoto name in the translation, because I encounter "zenphoto", "Zenphoto" and "ZenphotoCMS"

Thanks and have a nice day.


  • Roland Member, Translator

    Ok, it's inside the 1.5.8 changelog. Sorry. I googled "printCookieInfo" :-)

    Side question still open !

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    Yes, those texts are hardcoded.

    To the side question: The different writings and inconsistencies are grown. The current name is "Zenphoto" but actually we will focus on using "ZenphotoCMS" in the future as "Zenphoto" is also a general photography term.

  • Roland Member, Translator

    Ok thanks acrylian.

    Maybe on a future version, Zenphoto could use this data to generate a boilerplate page like Wordpress concerning privacy data usage through the UI of the backend. Like "Generate a Privacy page" if the page manager is active.

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    I don't think so because you have to take care yourself that the privacy text actually fits what your site does.

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    Btw, in case you missed: There is a content macro [COOKIEINFO]with some parameters for those info texts. See the development tab subtab macros if you have the macroList plugin enabled.

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