unable to connect to database

I am not sure if this is a xampp issue or a zenphoto issue but I am unable to connect to the database with a fresh install of zenphoto 1.6.1 using xampp with php 8.1.25

I can connect to the database with phpmyadmin with no problem and no password but somehow the zenphoto script can't.

this is the info in the zenphoto.cfg.php file

$conf['mysql_user'] = "root";
$conf['mysql_pass'] = "";
$conf['mysql_host'] = "localhost";
$conf['mysql_database'] = "zenfoto";
$conf['mysql_prefix'] = "zfwy_";
$conf['mysql_port'] = "3306";
$conf['mysql_socket'] = "";

which is correct so I have no idea why zenphoto wont connect and lets me proceed with the install. I use mysqli to connect .Tried the other one too but that wont work either. I get the error

mysqli reported: mysqli not connected

Hope you can help

thanks and greetings



  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    edited January 27

    You need to enter a password. It cannot be that it works wihtout a password. On a XAMPP etc install that is likely also "root" a the user. Of course locally you can access de database via phpmyadmin without entering credentials, a local server is a bit different that a real one here.

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