Sitemap and dynamic albums


Is it possible to remove dynamic albums and images entries from

  • sitemap-zenphoto-albums xml files

  • sitemap-zenphoto-images xml files
    (generated by the Zenphoto sitemap-extended plugin) ?

Thanks in advance !

Note : I did search inside the sitemap-extended files plugin, without finding a good solution ...


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    edited February 8

    Hm, actually both are excluded already. The method getAlbumList() has if (!$album->isDynamic()) {…} and getImages() if ($imageobj->isPublic() && !$albumobj->isDynamic()) {…} to do so.

    Edit: I just tired locally and indeed this seems not to work properly. I also do get dynamic albums listed in 1.6.2a… Will take a look! I think I even will make this an option as there may be use cases you want at least dynamic albums listed. Even if images in dynamic albums canonically point to the original.

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    There was indeed a bug. It should now be working in 1.6.2a. Also there is now an option to allow dynamic albums being included. Images are and were never included actually.

    Also of note, in 1.6.2a the html_meta_tags plugin now has an option so images in dynamic albums point to their real album instead. I thought indeed it did already but didn't.

  • Thank you very much acrylian.
    It does work !

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