comment_form is not working on zenji 1.1 theme...

I newly installed zenphoto 1.6.1 to my home server's website on on a DDNS subdomain name. For the zenphoto site being responsive, I installed zenji 1.1, a half-supported theme. After that, I set comment_form plugin enabled. But it doesn't make the comment form shown. Instead, it says like "No comments are posted." "Closed the Comment.". Trying enabling ReCaptcha didn't help. How can I help my situation???


  • Found that I needed to enable the comment form on the posts that I hadn't enabled the comment_form plugin. The comment_form on the new posts, I don't know...

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    You need to set the "Allow comments on" options for the item type, in this case news.

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