New plugin: adminBranding

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New plugin I wish to share with others: adminBranding.

adminBranding is a plugin for Zenphoto CMS for customization of Admin backend.

Originally adminBranding was intended as a fork of zp-branding v1.4 to be merged with zp-branding.
Since our approaches to the task and customization needs are so different, me and @fretzl have decided to keep projects separate, hence the rename. Calling it zp-branding (kuzzzma version) potentially could lead to confusion and, anyway, I'm not Taylor Swift.

Instead of proposed zp-branding ver 2.0 this work is therefore released as adminBranding v1.0 and will be updated if need be by myself.
It was tested with latest Zenphoto version 1.6.3a.

Feedback is welcome.



  • Logo for Admin (Default, Custom, No logo) with ability to specify width and margins.
  • Background styling for Admin (Default image, Custom image, No image, Image repeat behaviour, Color)
  • Styling of Text and Links in Admin.
  • Custom CSS for further alterations.
  • Custom Logo and Background files should be placed in "/uploaded/design" folder of your Zenphoto install
    (see more info on UPLOAD FOLDER of Zenphoto).
  • Plugin also supports translation, and I've provided one for Russian (ru_RU).

What it does differently from zp-branding:

  • adminBranding doesn't use included custom Logo image.
    If user wants to use custom Logo - they need to upload it into designated area, to protect files from being overwritten on the update.
  • adminBranding greatly expands available options.
  • adminBranding allows user mix and match plugin Options to combine custom and default elements for their desired look.


  1. Copy "/admin-branding" folder and "admin-branding.php" and into the "/plugins" folder of your Zenphoto installation.
  2. Enable the "adminBranding" plugin in the Zenphoto backend (Admin section of plugins list).
  3. Upload custom Logo and background images into "/uploaded/design" folder (see above).
  4. Setup plugin to your liking via plugin options.


adminBranding options and their effect

adminBranding options and their effect

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