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I've spent some time working on the update for the Russian language translation.

As of now, it's merged into main Zenphoto repository on the Github and available for use.

Current status:
100% completed translation for Zenphoto 1.6.3a


  • take a little break from it to gain a fresh perspective and review it once again
  • possibly replace some vocabulary used (though, i'm still on the fence about it): for example, change thumbnail translation from "миниатюра" to "превью"
  • to do translations for other third-party themes/plugins

If you are a Russian speaker and would prefer Zenphoto in Russian - give it a go and please, report any typos/mistakes and suggestions (here or via Github).
Also, I would love to hear people opinion on terminology to use.


  • Hi, kuzzzma! Thank you so much for your work! Not only for translation, but also for good theme Paradigm. Some years ago i made partial russian translation of Zenphoto. I will check your "100% completed translation for Zenphoto 1.6.3a" soon and give a feedback.

    Мне лично перевод слова "thumbnail" как "миниатюра" кажется оптимальным, устоявшимся термином для обозначения уменьшенных изображений в альбоме. "превью" всё же от "preview" = "предпросмотр" хорошо подходит для видео, когда при наведении курсора, изображение начинает меняться или если это фото, то увеличивается, а при щелчке открывается целиком, т.е. превьюшка это где-то между! Можно ещё использовать "иконка" "эскиз"..

  • kuzzzma Member, Translator

    This one is a continuation of your work, I've kept you in the credits for a reason)

    I've finished translation, fixed typos and went over everything to make sure vocabulary was uniform throughout.

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