zpMasonry - slideshows are not working


I have latest builds of Zenphoto and the theme
The problems are:
1/ Album slideshows are not working. When I press on the button - just get a direct link to the full image of the 1st thumb (without colorbox), and nothing happens further.

2/ Colorbox in albums behaves strangely. If the album consists of just a few thumbs, no colorbox at all, even when you click on the upper left corner of the thumb - you get a direct link to the full image. BUT: if i enable infinite scroll, and it works once on the album page - colorbox becomes available for all thumbs, even for the first ones, that could not load colorbox initially, before the infinite scroll acts.

Some tweaks required I guess. Can smb point me?


  • upd,

    installed zenphoto - no changes.
    slideshow is useless, colorbox not showing in albums until infinite scroll acts once on the page.

    colorbox plugin of zenphoto is enabled, but unchecked for albums and images. tried different setting here - makes only worse, colorbox disappears from thumbs also.

    slideshow works normally with other themes, however.
  • acrylian Administrator
    I suggest to contact the theme author via his own forum:

    He does read here but probably less often.
  • done this even before posting here...
  • upd,

    did a full clean reinstall of everything, dropped all tables from the DB except images and albums, then installed the theme and it WORKS now.

    Still don't know what was the cause of failure.

    Case closed, the theme is wonderful.
  • acrylian Administrator
    Ok, great. Probably a browser cache glitch. These can do surprisingly annoying things.
  • fuR Member
    i had the similar problem too, i figured it out that it MAY because the theme take an random image and check if it repeated by its title... but for all image with same titles (like if i didn't change the images' title, all would be the same as default by zenphoto, i don't know how zenphoto put default title...)

    so, simply remove or change the line of:
    `$imageName = $randomImage->getTitle();`
    in index.php in theme folder (around line 46)
    `$imageName = $randomImage->getImageLink();`

    hope if help you too
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