Namespace conflict with WordPress?

Hello, Tristan,
I am trying to integrate zP into WP, and followed Joen's instructions available somewhere else in this board. I am, however, hitting against what looks as a namespace conflict:
- I have zP and Wp running off two different databases
- I use a two-pane layout, with "sidebar" on the right
- I start WP, create ny header - OK
- I start zP, create my content area - OK
- Now, when I invoke WordPress' sidebar, it attempts to look for a table in the zP database, instead of the WP db.
It looks like some global variable that contains the name of the database has the same name inside WP, and therefore php "gets stuck" on the wrong database.
Do you happen to know what said variable is, so that I define it before calling the sidebar?
The error from Wordpress says something like "Table 'zpdb.wp_posts' doesn't exist" --> where "zpdb" is the variable that got "misplaced" and should contain instead "WPdb" (using generic names for example only: you can see the actual problem at
I have tried to trace WP, but I have given up after hours of going from routine to routine :)
Any help will be enormously appreciated; I promise to post a complete document detailing my integration process once I get over this problem! Cheers!


  • No need for response. Now I have zP and Wp running from the same db. Namespace conflict still there, but I don't care any more.
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