Wordpress- Zenphoto - PHP 5

I wonder if anyone might be kind enough to help clarify the status with WP+Zenphoto+PHP 5?

Caveat: I am way in over my head here, but I can open boxes and follow the instructions on the packet :o)

I am running current WP, on Dreamhost. Installing ZP into a (gallery) folder in the same domain as my WP blog, because I aim to integrate the two (f I can).

Zenphoto appears not to want to run *at all* until I check the "PHP Version 5? (must run PHP as CGI)" option.

When I *do* check it, ZP is fine (and bloody sweet) but I get funny behaviour in one of my WP plugins. Not the end of the world if it is just one plgin, but:

When I check with WP Support forums, the current concensus seems to be that PHP 5 & WP are currently not great bed-mates.

I see a good few WP users here, so I wonder if anyone can clarify whether the WP & PHP 5 issues are major, or whether I simply have to learn to do without a plugin or two (if I want to run ZP).

My current conclusion, bearing in mind the opening caveat, is that I will have to run my ZP Gallery and my WP blog under separate domains for now. And that seems just too daft to be true!

Appreciate any clarification - or solutions - that can be offered.

Thanks in advance.
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