zpgalerific problems

I was using zpgalleriffic and everything was working fine on my iPower hosting service. I updated to v1.4.2.2. The theme started going to the gallery page rather than the overview page with the slideshow. It also nolonger shows thumbnails on the album pages although the pictures are there and can be seen via a slideshow. I have tried multiple things with no success. I have no idea whether it is a problem with the level of PHP support on the hosting service, something I did via the theme options, a bug in zpgalerific or something else. Can anyone offer any help or advice or suggest some debugging that I could supply? (By the way, I have changed themes back to flickered which I was using earlier but don't like as well as zpgalerific.) The website url is "paulsperspectivesphotography.com" If i


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    Sorry, I cannot help with that theme. Hopefully its author will respond here some time but you could also post in his own support forum.
  • I am having the same issue as well. Any help thanks
  • FYI: I also posted the same request for help a couple of weeks ago on the GIR Web Forum (GIR is the theme authors.) So far, there has been no response to the request for help. However, their general info says that they are updating their themes and have new versions of a couple but not zpgallerific.
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    Sorry, I cannot help. Maybe gjr is too busy with "real world" stuff at the moment. As far as I know there were two zpgalleriffic theme versions, one older now abandoned by gjr and one newer. If you use the older you are most likely on your own.
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