RSS cropped thumbs

Due to upgrade from to, thumbs are now cropped in my RSS.

How to revert this ?



  • acrylian Administrator
    Images in RSS are actually not even coded to be cropped. Note that a few things changed regarding RSS. Check the 1.4.3 release post please.
  • Pictures in my rss are named like this : filename_100_cw85_ch85_thumb.jpg

    I cleared the cache and generated a new image cache via cachemanager. What I see is :


    The first is my thumbnail of the album view
    The last one is my full view of the image view
    And the second one is the admin cropped thumbnail.

    I don't understand where is defined the thumbnail of rss feeds.
  • acrylian Administrator
    Yes, for albums (and multimedia items) the cropped thumb (default image option) is used and for image entries an uncropped image with the size set on the rss options. So unless defined rss does not use what the cache manager creates.

    Besides that all rss stuff is in the rss class.
  • Actually, the size for images entry is 240 in my RSS options.
    Looking at the html source of the rss entries, it seems that zp shunts this option :

    Previously I had this :
    `<img border="0" src="!"`...

    Now this is what I get :
    `<img src="!"`...
  • acrylian Administrator
    As said:
    album thumbs and multimedia items use the default thumb setting from the theme options. If that is cropped it is here as well.

    Only plain image entries are uncropped by default and use the sizes set on the rss options.

    I actually don't remember why the difference but that is what is there currently. I agree both should be the same. So please open a ticket so this is not forgotten.
  • Well, it's about plain image entry I'm complaining.

    You have the same issue on your demo gallery :

    The image entry Cosmos02 is cropped...

  • acrylian Administrator
    Ah, now I see. You are rIght, that is indeed a mistake and happens only for feeds for specific albums. Thanks for insisting.

    I also put on my list for the next bigger release 1.4.4. to get an option to choose between cropped or not.
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