Setting the correct log file permissions

After another hack I'm trying to get a fresh install running. One error I get when running setup that I don't know how to solve is:
Warning! Log security [is compromised]

Zenphoto attempts to make log files accessable by owner only (permissions = 0600). This attempt has failed. The log file permissions are 0644 which may allow unauthorized access.
I have not changed any permissions since uploading the ZenPhoto files. Investigation tells me that the log files are in the zp-data folder. However, since the setup wasn't successful, the zp-data folder has not been created. What exact file do I change the permissions to 644, and where is it located pre-succesful install?

If it's some setting in PHPmyAdmin, somethign to do with my database/sql etc. can you please tell me what exactly needs to be fixed. I don't see any permissions in any of the database areas so if I need to send in a support ticket to my host (Dreamhost) I'd like to know what to say.

Thanks so much for your help. After running ZenPhoto for years, you'd think I would have this "reinstalling after a hack" down pat.


  • This is a PHP/server setting. The message says zenphoto is not being allowed to set the log file permissions.
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