zpMasonry: Problems with IE


i have a problem to view my Pictures with the IE. With Firefox the site looks nice.
On IE the proportions not right and the box at the right not scrolling it stays at top. When i zoom the complete Site zoomed and not only the text like on Firefox.
I'm using a modified zp-masonry Theme but with the original i've the same problem.

Link to a picture:


What i've to fix?


  • acrylian Administrator
    I edited the headline so the author of this third party theme may be able to help.

    Regarding zooming, that is a browser setting. It is generally default in all modern browsers to zoom the site itself. You can choose on all to disable this and only zoom the text. I don't have IE so I have no idea if that has such an option (may depend on the version).
  • TmR Member

    Yes but the proportion did not fit.

    Here is a screenshot.

  • TmR Member
    i've fixed it myself :) .

    it was a problem in my index.php ..i've inserted the facebook meta stuff there. looks like that wasn't a good idea ;) ..it's now in my pages.php in my activated theme folder.
    in IE it looks fine now too :)
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