video playing - not

I must be getting to the end of setting up - more donations....
I have class-video and flowplayer3 enabled, uploaded xx.mp4 and it displays on screen but as a blank box amid the controls and "plays" when clicked with the timeline moving across but shows no images.
I've searched through topics to no avail so what else do I need to turn on or do please.


  • If it seems to be playing (e.g. goes through the motions) then it probably is a video format issue. Maybe try a different player.
  • The only player I can find in plugins is flowplayer, which others are there that I'm missing?
  • There is also jPlayer, but it does require PHP 5.3 if I remember correctly.
  • Thanks. made an flv and used jplayer and worked well.
    Interestingly I uploaded mpg and wmv but they don't show up in the album at all yet they are there in the ftp list. Are they not compatible?
    How do you earn income apart from donations Steve/Stephen?
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    Note that both flv and mp4 are not formats but containers for various codecs! These players only play what complies to general settings. For example flowplayer only plays what flash plays. Even a slightly wrong bitrate can cause this.

    Zenphoto does not support mpg and wmv as clearly noted both on the player docs and the general feature page.

    How do you earn income apart from donations Steve/Stephen?
    By the advertisements but it is not our income at all, we don't even see it. Donations and ad income are used for running the server.

    Besides that we are available for hire.
  • Thanks for all that and hope the hiring is long and fruitful.
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