Test installation on Windows, error after login

Hey all

I'm trying to install Zenphoto on a dev WAMP setup, and this is what is happening:

I go to:

fill in the login details, then I get redirected to:

Which of course doesn't exist...

This what the .htaccess file looks like:
# !!! Change this to the absolute path !!!
#RewriteBase /zp
RewriteBase /zenphoto-0.9-beta

Should I hard code the SERVERPATH and WEBPATH constants in the config file?

Has anyone else had this problem at all?

Any help woudl be awesome ;-)



  • This sounds like your .htaccess access file is not working. Are you sure you have mod_rewrite enabled in your httpd.conf?
  • I do, yeah. Works on ther virtual servers I have installed on the same machine...

    I thought it might be something to do with the way php works on Windows?

    Is there any way I can test if the .htaccess file is working the way it should?
  • You could try hard coding those variables. See this thread for details how:


    You could also try writing a catch all rule in your .htaccess file to prove that all hits to that site go to a dummy page (that you also write).
  • I have noticed a repetition of this event.

    I also figured this out...when installing a new zen photo gallery and you are presented with the login screen, log in. it will bring you to a 404 or error page that doesn't exist.

    hit BACK on your browser or go back to your /zendirectory/zen/setup.php

    and hit refresh, magically it will kick in. try that

    jason - let me know
  • Thanks Jason - unfortunately not! ;-)
    Does the same thing as before:

    Logging in sends me to:

    If I refresh, nothing happens...

    Any more ideas?
  • actually i did have that happen. it was like it was stupid.

    try this. change your .htaccess to the zen directory INSIDE your zen root. for ex. /zen beta 9.0 whatever/zen

    try the login trick then refresh and then try changing the root back to just /beta 9.0 whatever/

    i had to play with that cause i had the same thing. it worked in the end. idk. just an idea.

  • Guys

    Hardcoding the variables as in (http://www.zenphoto.org/support/topic.php?id=159) worked first time, so check that out...

    Except that now the paths to the images are incorrect (it's not including the "albums" directory in the img tag) and the images are not displaying on the pages....

    Any ideas now?

    Thanks in advance ;-)
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