Installing on a subdomain

Sorry, I know this subject seems to of been covered in other topics, but I can't seem to find an answer!!!

I've installed ZenPhoto once on my main domain (now deleted!)

But I now want to install it at the root of a subdomain

It all seemed to go OK, created database tables OK, admin all looks OK, but then when I view the gallery it doesn't load any images or CSS. Looking at the activity it's trying to call;

http://cars/image/thumb/07.jpg (cars being the only gallery so far!)

In my .htaccess file I have
RewriteBase /

Has anyone managed to successfuly install it on a subdomain??

Can anyone help me out


  • Just a thought the way my host has domains setup from the servers root, is like this:

    Main site

  • Update again...

    Got it almost working by manually defining the `WEBPATH` as described in this topic;

    So my config file now reads:
    `define('WEBPATH', '');`

    The only issues I can see now is:

    (1) When i'm in a gallery, and click the 'home' (or gallery name) link it takes me to; rather than

    I'm sure this is something to do with the .htaccess file - anyone any ideas?

    (2) In the admin section it still doesn't appear to be pulling in any thumbnails, either in my albums or the themes snapshots?

    (3) The upload functionality form the admin section doesn't seem to work!

    Any help much appreciated
  • I have the same probel as you, and it appears you have gotten further than I have.

    Can anyone else lend a hand? It is rather frustrating.

    My server set up is the same as <b>jvbates</b>, in how how the subdomains are referenced.

  • Nathan, have you completed the steps I mentioned above?
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