Plugin for Drag and Drop upload? or Folder?

I was wondering, is there a plugin that has been made (I went through 5-6 pages and gave up) that allows a user to either a) drag or drop documents into the uploader or b) allows you to do whole folder uploads instead of just image by image?


  • acrylian Administrator
    Zenphoto comes with three upload handler plugins: http, flash and jquery. The latter two allow the upload of multiple images at one time. The jquery allows also dragging images but not folders.
    If the plugins are enabled you can choose which one on the upload tab.

    The easiest way to upload complete folders is to use FTP directly.
  • Thanks acrylian!

    I am looking at the JQUERY plugin and it just has an "Add Photo's" button. However, when I try to drag an image into the box -- it doesn't do anything. That was the type of drag and drop functionality I was talking about.

    Is it supposed to be able to drag and drop?

    FTP woud be nice, but we have far too many users to attempt to utilize FTP.
  • Snap. I take back that comment. I have no idea why it wasn't working when I was showing people (figures, right?) but I restarted my browser and it seems to be working. Perhaps my Chrome was having a moment... :) Thank you!
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