GoogleMap Extension - wrong image position


There seems to be a problem with GoogleMaps extension (at least on my site ;) ) :

The image markers are at the wrong location on the map. It seems that the latitude reference and/or longitude reference is not taken into account.

I'm using ZenPhoto trunk version from the 22 oct. and zpMinimalist theme.

For example, one of my image is displayed here :,122.09138833333&hl=en&sll=53.796105,-68.44248&sspn=35.856127,91.669922&t=m&z=7

instead of here :,122.09138833333&hl=en&sll=-0.258221,122.093382&sspn=0.029311,0.044761&t=m&z=11

Have you experienced that ?



  • Hi
    I recently had the same issue.
    It was caused by some not checked exif values in the admin.

    in your case, please verifiy that "Longitude Reference" and "Latitude Reference" are used.
    these values allow to distinguish W and E, N and S.

    see this topic :
  • Thanks Vincent,

    For this photo :
    In the database GPS values are correct, as you can see, exif info are correctly displayed:
    Latitude: 3.0117966666667, Latitude Reference: S
    Longitude: 119.86527166667, Longitude Reference: E
    If I copy/paste the coordinates (3.0117966666667S,119.86527166667E) in GoogleMaps website, that's correct.

    But on GoogleMaps plugin, it seems "Latitude Reference" is ignored.

    I have checked "Latitude Reference" and "Longitude Reference" in admin > Options > Image, and refresh metadata, but I still have the wrong position on the plugin map.

    Is there another place to change this ?
  • There is a bug in the code. It is fixed in tonight's build.
  • Thanks !
    I'll try that tomorrow :)
  • Where can I get the fix ?

    There is no newer Trunk nightlies on Zenphoto website, and I tried the last GoogleMap plugin available on GitHub, but it it doesn't seem to fix the problem ...

  • Seems the nightly build process is broken again. But I will be making a release sometime today that will contain the fixes.
  • With the [10988] the image position are bad.
    When i just upload the googlemap directory of the the position are good.

  • These seem to be working correctly for me. Probably best for you to create a trouble ticket and attach an image or two which is failing.
  • Great ! The last version works perfectly for me :)

    Thanks for the quick fix !
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