odd behavior on page when click on a tag

Hello there,
Fairly new to ZenPhoto but starting to like it a lot.

I copied the theme zenpage and made fairly simple changes to the style.css file (header photo, left margin from 590 to 600), moved the search icons from the header. I also made changes to the footer.php.

The gallery and the hierarchy of albums are working okay. I have 3 levels of albums hierarchy and my albums are private (with the use of a user and password).

Some of the albums and photos are tagged. At times (yes at times) if I search on a word that has been tagged or I click on the hyperlink of the tagged word, the page loses the design. The header stays, but the rest of the screen shows the black background with the albums or the photos showing on an add way. Although the text staying how many hits were in the search cannot be seeing, they are generated. If I look at the html source the information is there but somehow the format of the css gets overwritten by something else. I just don't know what is it.

Has any one experience this problem? Could this be an option that I have to check/unchecked?

Thanks in advance


  • Additional information: The issue does not appear to be with the theme or tags. It appears to be with the creation of Dynamic Albums. I changed the theme and removed all tags and I was still getting the problem.

    I then opted to ignore 'albums' on the search and that appeared to work. I added the tags and so far the test has been successful.

    What could be causing this behavior? The version that I installed via my host provider (1&1) Build option was and it did not behave that way. Due to some constraints that 1&1 gives me where I cannot modify folders and therefore I couldn't even duplicate a theme, I installed my own version, using the latest zenPhoto However, please note that 1&1 (at least the server that I'm using) does not have the latest version of mySQL or PHP. Perhaps something special from PHP is being used? I don't believe is mySQL as the results appear to be okay but I'm might be wrong.

    Anyway I thought to give you more information. I would like to enable the search for images and albums.

    Thanks again
  • Best guess is that you are getting script errors that prevent the pages from rendering. Depending on what level PHP you have, some plugins may not function correctly. These are things that were not discovered until recently so no detection in the base releases.

    Your best approach is to find your script error files and see what, if anything, is reported.

    I am not aware, though, of any such issues with simple searches.

    The only other thing I can think of is maybe special characters in the tags? If those are not handled correctly they might distrupt the HTML output.
  • Thanks for your response.

    I do not have special characters and the problem went away when I disabled the search on albums. I would like to see the java script error (I haven't changed any JS) but I do not know where to look. Where can I find these errors? Or how can I enable debug for the java scripts? I checked the log (debug tab) but it does not give me any information.

    I do believe the problem is related to the level of PHP that 1and1 (my host server) supports as I made the same changes to my zenphoto in my localhost (with the latest PHP and mySQL versions) and the pages are rendered with no problems regardless of the type of search (albums, photos).
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    The php error log would be on your server, so you will need to ask your host where that is. The zenphoto log cannot cover all those errors.

    For JS errors browsers have generally logs.
  • Javascript errors can only be seen by browser debug plugins. They are not reflected back to the server. But PHP errors would show up in server error logs. Changing PHP levels would not dirctly impact Javascript. But maybe an error in a plugin caused by the PHP bug could have caused Javascript to become corrupted.

    But good that upgrading the PHP and MySQL seems to have fixed the issue. I guess we will assume it was caused by one of those plugins that triggered the PHP bug.
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