Database Configuration File error

I edited index.php in a copy of the default theme (v. I made several code errors, and decided to revert back to the last working copy of index.php. When I uploaded the original file, Firefox returned a mostly blank page with only a zero.

I then changed the active theme back to default instead of my copy of default but the error persisted.

I called my hosting company and was told that there was no database configuration file. Is there a way to fix whatever I did or should I delete the database, delete the directory where I installed ZenPhoto, and then start over with a clean installation?



  • acrylian Administrator
    The database config is within the config file within /zp-date/. No way that editing a theme can cause this actually. As a basic rule if you get blank pages there is an fatal error and you need to look at your server error log to find out what.
  • Thanks for all of your help. I looked back through files after your response. Sorry to bother you with a stupid error on my part. I obviously shouldn't edit files in the middle of the night if I can't sleep!
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