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Dear Guru!

I am trying to solve a trivial problem. How can I arrange a list of all my articles with preview thumb and with an abstract, published on the web-site using pagination arranging an output by 10 articles on a page?

I mean I have a list of, say, 30 articles (30 pages arranged as a subpages of the page called "Artciles" - so-called category). I would like to browse a list of all 30 articles displaying each in a block containing:

- Title (the URL of the page)
- Thumb (the URL of the page) - taken from ExtraContent
- Abstract taken from the ExtraContent

I would like this list of 30 be splited (paginated???) in 3 parts (pages) automatically by Zenpage by 10 article blocks in each part (page). A kind WordPress organises all publications. The more pages I publish, the more parts of 10 article blocks Zenpage creates.

Is it possible at all with the Zenpage plugin? I use a standard Zenpage theme.

Thank you very much in advance.

Kind regards


  • acrylian Administrator
    Pages are not paginated, only articles are where this is standard functionality.

    If you like to paginate pages you have to code that yourself using the object model. First you of course need to understand the basic theming as described on the theming tutorial and need some PHP knowledge.

    I would suggest to use articles and a category for this. In any case you will have to do theme changes, probably using the aid of the multiple_layouts plugin.

    You cannot get an thumb for a page or article as you cannot assign one (as you can on Wordpress with the featured image where you probably got the idea from). To extract an image url from content is not that easy and also it will not use the image processor.

    I have however a plugin for attaching an image to an article in the works that will be able to attach an image to an article (but even that will require theme modifications). Will take some time until this will be finished though.
  • Thank you for a quick answer.

    I shall try playing around with articles then, modyfying the theme so that it looks like publications groupped into different web-site categories. Thanks for the hint.

    As for the thumb for an article I have a straightforward workaround for that at the moment: to copy and paste an abstract with the image inserted into the ExtraContent field. Then the modified code of the theme will display an article block surrounded by the anchor tags. The whole block turns then into a link to the appropriate page.

    I shall try to make it work altogether with paginated articles.


    Kind regards
  • acrylian Administrator
    Ok, that is the easiest for now. I actually have a plugin in the works that also can paginated subpages but I need to do some testing first before I publish that (will be not officially supported though).
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