Only few pics not showing

OK, I've read through the forum and I've tried to figure out this issue, but I can't. I need your help.

My albums are all showing fine except for a few pics that are not displaying.
This is the album in question:

As you can see there are 5 pics that are not showing up.
When clicked on any of them I get:!&dsp=Protected view

Server Error. I don't understand why.
Same dimension/size photos in other albums display fine:

And the photo is actually uploaded fine:

And it's only these few pics... Please help.


  • There is a trouble shooting guide for diagnosing this kind of problem. But I can probably save you the time of looking for it. Most likely the images that do not display are "too large" to be rendered by the graphics library.

    "too large" is unfortunately not simply the file size of the image. It is much more dependent on the dimensions, but also on the actual pixel content.

    Sometimes there are other issues with an image that cause the graphics library to fault. But the only way to know if that is the case with your images it to follow the troubleshooting instructions.
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