getImageStatistic array

Hi, I want to change the album view of my photoblog. The last image must be greater than the thumbnails.
I solved this using printImageStatistic(1,"latest","photoblog",true,true,true,250,'',790,600,false). It works fine.

Now I want to obtain the url of the image in order to have a permalink for "social" uses.

I tried to use getImageStatistic(1,"latest","photoblog") that returns me an array with a lot of variables but without an url link.

How can I build the complete url of the image? I want to have this in a variable.

the url of my photoblog:
as you see the latest image is displayed bigger than thumbs.
I want to add social stuff but I need the link of the image...that changes whenever I add an image.

Thank you for some helt/hints! :-)


  • acrylian Administrator, Translator
  • worked! thank you acrylian! :-)

    $last_phlog=getImageStatistic (1,"latest","photoblog",false);
    $albumName = 'photoblog';
    $imageName = $last_ds_image[0]->filename;
    $image = newImage(NULL, array('folder'=>$albumName,'filename'=>$imageName));
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